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From ESD flooring for the U.S. military to static control products for Intel, Google, NASA, Microsoft, Tyco, Boeing Lockheed and Dell. Over a million clients have selected United SCP to tame the static BEAST before it takes another byte.

We Get You Server Ready

We get your floors server room ready. Whether you’re big business with lots of space or small business looking to get yourself your own storage space for growth and expansion we definitely have you covered. We have been doing this since 1992. We definitely know our stuff!

We Sell Quality Tech

We know you’ll love us. Our products are only the best money can buy. You can trust a company that has been in business since the early 90s to deliver on quality. Companies do not last long for nothing. Quality keeps you in business.

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Professionalism Sets Us Apart

Value, Quality and Reliability

Shop where smart buyers have shopped since 1994! Save your ESD program a substantial amount of money and get the high quality, service and performance you deserve from a reliable supplier with outstanding products and a proven track record. Check out our November Specials of the Month!

Award Winning Tech Support

Whether your ESD program is just starting out or you’re a client that has been around the block OUR team of experts is here to help. Questions on the new 2020 standards? Give us a call. How do I eliminate static from my car seats? Give us a jingle. ESD Flooring Certifications? Call us! Enjoy free 24/7 tech support for all flooring products.


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What's New?

We’ve just completed our installation of a 58,000 square foot ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy floor for NASA. Up next? Loon LLC and GE Additive. For more information on our ESD Flooring installations please click here.

November Specials

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Ultimat1 ESD Bench Mats

Static Solutions Ultimat I ESD Bench Mats

Our Price: $185.05

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Made from a low VOC (no odor) rubber containing a UV protectant (to avoid discoloration from overhead lighting and the sun) the Static Solutions Ultimat I is a PREMIUM mat at a REALISTIC Price. It’s highly wear resistant, lays flat, and will never let you down in a critical ESD or ISO audit. Ultimat Tames the Static Beast Before it Takes Another Byte!

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